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Create a Start method that will be used to initialize the game objects (only the player for the moment), as follows: /// <summary> /// Initialize the game round /// </summary> private void Start() { // Create (if necessary) and put the player in start position if (player == null) { // Add the player component player = new Ship(this, ref meteorTexture); ComponentsAdd(player); } playerPutinStartPosition(); } Observe that the player attribute contains a reference to the player s GameComponent You also need to add this component to the components list of the Game itself to be able to have XNA call the Draw and Update methods of this object in the game Finally, declare the player attribute in the Game1 class: private Ship player; Now let s go back to the game s logic as a whole.

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Applying the constraint is then a matter of including the appropriate tags around the restricted content. An example is shown in Listing 7-20 that restricts the display of the Administrative Menu paragraph to users with the administrator role.

The game s logic is normally implemented inside the Update method of the Game class In this case, you can start with the following code: /// <summary> /// Allows the game to run logic such as updating the world, /// checking for collisions, gathering input, and playing audio /// </summary> /// <param name="gameTime">Provides a snapshot of timing values</param> protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { // Allows the game to exit gamepadstatus = GamePadGetState(PlayerIndexOne); keyboard = KeyboardGetState();.

if ((gamepadstatus.Buttons.Back == ButtonState.Pressed) || (keyboard.IsKeyDown(Keys.Escape))) { Exit(); } // Start if not started yet if (player == null) { Start(); } // Update all other components base.Update(gameTime); } Initially, this code checks if the user pressed the Esc key or the Back button on the Xbox 360 gamepad, which ends the game. Then, if necessary, the code starts the game through the Start method. One detail is still missing. The Draw method of your game draws only the background. You also need to make it draw all the other GameComponent items of the game, so add the following code immediately after the code that draws the background: // Start rendering sprites spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteBlendMode.AlphaBlend); // Draw the game components (sprites included) base.Draw(gameTime); // End rendering sprites spriteBatch.End(); Save and execute the code. Now you can move the spaceship around the screen with the Xbox 360 gamepad or the PC arrow keys. Observe that all the movement logic of the spaceship is being handled by its own component that you created, although XNA automatically calls its Update method through the base.Update call of the Game1 class. You ll create meteors following the same principle. The difference is that the player won t move the meteors.

Additional tags are available to give you direct access to the authentication object established by the filters, and to manage access control lists (access control lists are outside the scope of this chapter).

The concepts you used to create a component for the player are the same that you ll use to create the meteors. The only difference is that the meteors initial position and movement depend on a random factor. The meteors code follows: #region Using Statements using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics; #endregion

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